Welcome to Guardian Angels

All are welcome! Come and Celebrate with this joy-filled, inclusive, peace & justice embracing beloved community!

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Recognizing that we are all children of God, we practice the hospitality of Jesus toward all: women, men, youth, seniors, indigenous peoples, sexual minorities, families, married, partnered, and singles. Honoring the talents and calling God has seen fit to bestow on each of us, we are invited and encouraged to fully participate in the ministerial and sacramental life of the Church.

We Practice Christ’s Message of Love, Peace, and Forgiveness

Our community believes that Christ calls each of us in a special way to follow him and that our response cannot be hindered by unnecessary rules and regulations. We have returned to practices of the early church such as optional celibacy for clergy, the ordination of women at all levels of ministry, rejection of violence, and the participation of all faith members in the calling of the clergy. We challenge ourselves to make a difference in society and work towards building peace at every level. We honor the holiness of work and family life and respect the conscience of couples in family planning. Our doors are open to those who have experienced divorce and have remarried and welcome them to join us in the full sacramental life of the Church.

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Weekly Mass & more

Our pastoral team works together to provide weekly mass and prayer services throughout the week. In addition, they provide pastoral support to members when called upon.

We gather together

When we come together in person, gather inside or outside depending on the weather. We believe God’s house is where we are together, not the physical space we inhabit. While social distancing is in place, we are taking advantage of technology and online tools. Our worship team has worked diligently to provide an uplifting spiritual experience each week. 

Join us! All are welcome!

We celebrate our weekend Mass every Sunday morning at 9AM.

 Come and Celebrate with this joy-filled, inclusive, peace & justice embracing beloved community!

Sunday Worship

Every Sunday at 9am

We are here

1701 S. College Ave, Tempe 85281
Email: [email protected]